Smoke Weed


How to smoke weed

There are several different ways to smoke cannabis but the easiest, most fun and most effective is by using bongs. They incorporate water to drastically reduce smoke temperatures and provide a cleaner, more tasteful smoke. If you decide to go for the bong then you need to be sure you buy a high quality bong, I recommend that you buy a bong online at the HerbTools Bong Shop. There are however, other ways of smoking too:

Bongs & Glass Smoking Pipes

Ahh, the previously mentioned bong. The coolest, most popular method of smoking cannabis. Also known as bubblers and water pipes these are the best way to inhale weed by far. If you cough when smoking weed then these are the solution! Even if you don’t they are still heavily recommend by every smoker. Smoking pipes on the other hand are commonly used, but because they are so small and do not make use of water the smoke is just as hot as a joint. Both products can be picked up really cheap at HerbTools Bong Shop.


Rolling a Joint

As seen in many movies, the famous joint is world renown but they do require a certain skill to produce that not everybody is capable of. Without steady hands and some basic knowledge on how to roll a joint you will struggle to recreate it without a lot of practice. The great benefits of rolling up a joint is that you can make one anywhere you need to with just a pack of rolling papers and some paper for a roach. The drawback of the joint is that some smokers find it difficult to inhale the cannabis without the aid of adding tobacco, and needless to say adding tobacco is a bad idea with health in mind.

Vaping with a Vaporizer

One of the newest methods of smoking cannabis is the vaporizer, although they have some amazing health benefits as the cannabis doesn’t reach combustion, they are not for everyone. Without burning the herb you are unable to extract every type of chemical within the herb. Because of this the user experiences a much lighter high when compared with smoking a joint or bong. But on the up side there are some great vaporizers available such as portable options which can easily be used inside a building without anyone noticing, remember, they do not give off a smoke, just a vapor!

Edible Methods

Edibles such as cannabutter and hash oil are not to be taken lightly, they are extremely strong and difficult to determine the strength of without high tech professional equipment. Even the weakest cannabis can produce an overwhelming high, so tread carefully!

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