how to buy the best bong for your money

I have started this blog to help aid all new cannabis smokers find the perfect method to getting high. Many new smokers are unaware that there are several ways for them to take their medicine, not only smoking, but also ingesting, but that is a whole new post coming later!

With smoking, the most common way to inhale the smoke is through a joint or roll up so you may be surprised to hear that many users have a tool named a bong. These include a chamber to place water in, normally cold, to help reduce the temperature of the smoke you will be inhaling. As well as being a fun and new way to smoke it has some minor health benefits as it an remove tars, granted these tars get stuck to the glass or plastic wall, so cleaning and maintenance is required with bongs.

glass bongs

glass bongs

I was reading through some Yahoo questions and came across this one; . As I mentioned earlier the bong is a fun way to smoke but many new users are confused about what type to buy, and even are unsure how to use one. I suggest visiting to watch how others make use of these.

The simple truth is that you do not need an expensive or fancy bong, a cheaper one will do just fine. The quality will ofcourse be lower and the smoke a little rougher, but for a beginner it is a small investment for much enjoyment. More to come on this over the next few days.

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