How to buy a bong in Canada

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You would be surprised by how many people these days to their shopping purely online these days, especially when it came to more discreet products such as buying a bong. I remember the good old days where shops such as Woolworth’s would be open in every city town center, always filled with customers. As soon as online shopping took off they decided to shut down while it was still an option, unlike other smaller shops such as headshops and bong stores who could not afford to sell out. It is rare in places such as Canada that you will actually find a shop that sells bongs and water pipes on the high street, not just because people prefer to buy them online, but because police like to unfairly shut these shops down as they say it is drug paraphernalia. (Most of these shops would never sell products with intended use for drugs, so this is unfair). However, I will never defend any headshop that sells legal highs, these are known to be dangerous and it is very wrong to be selling them.

Why All Canadians should buy a bong online

With police monitoring these bong shops is it really safe to make a purchase on the high street in view of the public? Many stoners are unsure and afraid to be seen entering a shop that sells these wares. While water pipes and glass smoking pipes are perfectly legal when being used with a legal smoking mix people are still turning to percolator bongs instead of risking the high street. While this is not the only reasons Canadians are turning to online shopping for this niche, there is the most common reason of products always being cheaper for sale online. It is not that the high street rips you off, it is purely that shops cost so much to rent and staff need to be paid, hence the products have to cost more to cover themselves.

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What else can you find for sale at a headshop

These amazing stores do not stop at just having bongs for sale, but yes that is what they are most known for. You will also find loads of other smoking tools such as glass pipes or a whole new method; vaporizers. Every type of product is not as simple as it sounds though, with multiple spin offs you will find subsections on each product, which can get confusing! But we do have some guides on our website so feel free to take a look around. These shops also sell items such as novelty ashtrays; which everyone can appreciate! rolling papers, herb grinders. The list really is endless but the most common items have been covered.

The best thing is just to take a look for yourself, even if you aren’t a smoker, you are sure to find something that takes your interest!

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