Glass vs Plastic


Should you get a Glass or a Plastic Bong

So you are unsure whether you should buy a plastic bong or buy a glass bong. Both of these materials have their positives and negatives but you are sure to fall in love with either one you pick! It is also very important you find a high quality bong for sale, you don’t want it to fall apart as you are using it! I recommend you buy a bong from the HerbTools Bong Shop as they are international and have been a popular choice for smokers for many years.

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Reasons to pick a Glass Bong

Unbeatable Taste. Glass creates a smoothness in the smoke that no other material can recreate.
The choice of modifications. Extra water chambers called precoolers can be added for extra smoke filtration. Bowls can be added to make your glass bong unique.
The amazing designs. With some many amazing artists in the business there is a wide range of initiative designs to pick from.

Reasons to pick a Plastic Bong

Much harder to break. Unless you stand on your plastic bong it is unlikely to break.
Cheap as chips! Plastic bongs can be picked up from as little as £9.99!
Extremely easy to clean. The base is normally removable, making them quick and easy to clean.

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My experienced opinion

So, you are still unsure on which material of bong to pick?! Well let me give you some personal advice as I have had experiences with all bong materials. I’ve been asked several times ‘are plastic bongs good’, ‘why are glass bongs better’ and even ‘are bongs better than joints’. At the end of the day whether your bong is plastic or glass the end result will be the same, they are both perfectly effective and will get the job done. Joints are easy to make, but you have to remember that you are inhaling hot smoke and that is going to damage your lungs. With bongs cooling down the smoke drastically it has to make them the preferred method of smoking.

Let me tell you a little story…

I first started out with a plastic bong and I was really happy with it. It was more than affordable and I loved taking big hits off it. I used it for around two months before I couldn’t resist the temptation of splashing out on a new bong. I opted for a nice big glass one with a nice thick wall of 7mm, I was so excited to unpack it on arrival that I nearly dropped it! After that I slowed down and made sure I was careful, I proceeded to fill my new baby up with icy cold water and packed that bowl to the brim. I then took my first hit off a glass bong and never looked back! The feel of the smoke was so smooth, It was noticeable improved over the smoke my plastic ones produced. Still unsure what type of bong to buy? see or