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How to stop coughing when smoking weed

Many of us know that embarrassing feeling all too well. You know, the one when your friend passes you a joint, you take a hit, then begin a 5-10 minute long coughing fit ending with a red face and watery eyes. You most likely would love to know how you can stop coughing when smoking weed, well luckily there is a solution to this problem that I learnt first-hand in a series of experiments.

Train yourself up by Using an Ice Bong!

Yes, I too was once cursed with virgin lungs that could not manage a single puff on a joint without a coughing fit. I started to smoke at home and tried taking tiny hits, which did help a lot. But I pondered over the issue and realized that smoke is actually pretty hot and if there was a way to cool it down before I inhaled then there would be a good chance I wouldn’t cough. After looking around online I came across the bong! It was an easy way of smoking and used water and ice to cool the smoke right down before inhaling. The thought of a nice frosty bong hit was pretty advertising for me so I went and ordered one online from the HerbTools Bong and Head Shop.

The method I used – No more coughing!

I started off really slow, taking small smoke hits combined with ice and cold water. Being able to manage taking down the smoke without coughing made me enjoy the high so much more. I could finally smoke my cannabis without coughing, plus the sound of the water bubbling was so fun! After a few days of using my new bong I found myself taking larger hits than I could cope with before and I realized I had unknowingly trained myself. The next time I was with my friends at the smoke circle, I took hold of that joint and took a mighty old rip, and guess what! No coughing fits! I had successfully taken a larger puff of smoke without any embarrassing scenes.

Are there other methods of smoking that do not induce coughing?

Yes, vaporizers are the ultimate way to avoid coughing whilst smoking cannabis, but vaporizers get you much less high. If you are happy with a light high then a vaporizer could be the way to go, especially consider to buy a pen vaporizer from for ultimate convenience. But for a nice smoke before bed time many users prefer a decent strength high, for those the answer is definitely the bong.