Are Bong Precoolers Worth the Money

diffuser precoolers

cool bong precoolers So these interested accessories named ‘bong precoolers’ are a relatively new modification that you can add to your glass bongs via the glass joint. While they can look a little technical at first sight they could not be much simpler. You literally remove your bowl from the downstem and then slide the bong precooler into the joint and add your bowl into the top of the precooler. You are suppose to fill the cooler with water but be aware, if your bong is small and holds minimal water then your precooler could easily unbalance the pipe and make it fall over. So I would suggest you add them only to the larger water pipes.

I was very skeptical when I was went to a friends house and first saw him using this add on, admittidely it looked impressive but you ahd to use much more suction to draw the smoke through. I myself have always been happy enough with the cool textured smoke produced from standard glass bongs, but my friend swears by these bong precoolers. With his hype and excitement over them I knew I had to give it a fair go. I ended up inhaling way more smoke than normal as there was a whole new chamber to fill! I could tell the difference for sure, and once he told me the price I knew I would end up buying one myself as I feel it is easily worth the extra money, even if you don’t use it all the time. You can find more bong precoolers all over the net, you can even add an extra cooler into the first one, but I would not really recommend that due to the weight and the amount of suction you have to apply to draw the smoke through, it would be a little bit of an overkill for me. If you think about what smoke actually is, you will realize that after two chambers of water there is not really anymore way of cooling it, unless you had percolators and diffusers.

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