How To Buy A Bong In The UK & USA

Maybe your old bong broke, or maybe its just time to upgrade. whatever your situation buy-bongs.co.uk has your back. Take a look at Herbtools, the best bong shop in the UK to find the water bongs for sale online. Over there you will find all types of bongs for sale, including plastic, glass, percolators, precoolers, bowls and accessories such as hemp wick and jet flame lighters! If you are in to dabbing then you will be extremely pleased by the cheap prices of their oil bongs and dab rigs.

You will find that the highest quality water bongs online are branded under popular names. The only brand name I have bothered with is Grace Glass & Black Leaf. You will find that the HerbTools Bong Shop has many of cheap bongs and high quality branded weed pipes that available, if you want to browse bongs for sale then take a look at herbtools.com/bongs.html.

Everybody is wanting to buy their perfect weed pipe or ice bong, simply click the HerbTools banner and we will send you in the right direction so that you can buy a glass bong online safely and securely. One of the key things to look out for when placing your order is the glass wall thickness, 3 mm is the average acceptable thickness for a quality ice and water bong. I always opt for the thick glass bongs for sale as they will withstand more abuse and are less likely to break on a small impact. Cleaning your piece has proven to be the most dangerous time as it is easy to collide the glass against a kitchen tile – be careful!


There are many unbranded and branded ice bongs for sale, while cheap unbranded ones still function fine, I would recommend a branded as they come with a thicker glass wall and are all in all a much more solid product. Names known worldwide include:

Cheap Vaporizers

We will also guide you to purchasing the right cheap vaporizer for your price budget. HerbTools also stock a range of impressive portable vaporizers that come complete with manufactorer warranties, ensuring you are able to use your quality vaporizer long in to the future. Both unique desktop vaporizers decorated with skulls and cheap pen vaporizers can be found there. Simple click one of the banners to be redirected over!

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High Quality Glass Water Bongs – What You Should Know Before you Buy

When it comes to filling your new glass piece with water there are no rules, only judgments. Whether you are looking for ice friendly products or glass smoking pipes the shop I’ve linked to at the top of the page will have what you need. They are based in England but regularly ship worldwide at pretty decent prices. A long with your new bubblers, you can also pick up herb grinders and general smoking accessories at super cheap prices. You will find a huge range of plastic water pipes including fun and creative designs in the shapes of skulls, faces and even aliens. See Nature for an interesting article on ganja.