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How To Buy A Bong In The UK

In these here times many smokers are changing over from bongs to vaporizers. If you are more interested in buying a vape then check out this bong shop in the UK as they stock many up to date models including multiple concentrate and herb pen vaporizers. Being easily portable and discreet these come in very handy when needing a hit whilst out and about.

Maybe your old bong broke, or maybe its just time to upgrade. whatever your situation buy-bongs.co.uk has your back. Take a look around our website to find the best bongs online.

You will find that the highest quality smoking pipes are branded under popular names, this is something I plan to break down on my website and get some ratings listed. The only brand name I have bothered with is GG. I first went online and found a shop that sold them, once I saved up enough money I went to buy a grace glass bong and boy, I was not disappointed. She had three percolators, a diameter of 65mm and a water chamber the size of a kettle! She is my pride and joy and I love her!

Our mission is not only to help you buy a bong, but guide you to purchasing one suited to your needs. Out of all the products for sale online it can be pretty confusing and time consuming when browsing the head shops. we will cover all aspects and details including percolators, ash catchers and accessories such as hemp wick.

Not only will we guide you to buying your perfect piece, but we will also point you in the right direction so that you can buy a glass bong online safely and securely. We will also guide you to purchasing the right vaporizer for your price budget. One of the key things to look out for when placing your order is the glass wall thickness, 4 mm is the average acceptable thickness for a quality products. I always opt for the thick glass bongs for sale as they will withstand more abuse and are less likely to break on a small impact. Cleaning your piece has proven to be the most dangerous time as it is easy to collide the glass against a kitchen tile - be careful!



There are many unbranded and branded bongs for sale, We will cover details off all well known brands worth considering. This includes names known worldwide such as:

  • EHLE
  • Black Leaf
  • ROOR
  • Blaze Glass


We will link you to websites selling all kinds of vapes, Valued all the way from £20 to £400. we will review all these vaporizers giving them ratings so that you can get an idea of which vape would suit you best.

High Quality Glass Water Bongs - What You Should Know

When it comes to filling your new glass piece with water there are no rules, only judgments. Whether you are looking for ice friendly products or glass smoking pipes the shop I've linked to at the top of the page will have what you need. They are based in England but regularly ship worldwide at pretty decent prices. A long with your new bubblers, you can also pick up herb grinders and general smoking accessories at super cheap prices. You will find a huge range of plastic water pipes including fun and creative designs in the shapes of skulls, faces and even aliens.